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You are going to learn to shed those extra pounds and get healthier without starving to death. We know from experience when you don't get enough to eat you get as mean as a Rodeo Bull

My wife and I started doing a keto diet and so far I have lost 10 pounds and she is down 35 pounds. She follows the diet pretty strict, but added a few twists and I only needed to shed 10 lbs so I don't follow it as strict as she does. The first step we took was getting our mind prepared for the new diet change. Without the proper mindset you are setting yourself up for failure.
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Everyone has their pros and cons on the keto diet. If you just follow the meal plans, do some light exercises you will not have any adverse side effects. Sign up for our newsletter and learn how we tweaked the keto diet to make it easier to follow.

What side effects you do feel will be all the toxins coming out of your body. Visit the site below and get weekly meal plans so you don't have to struggle with what to eat every day .
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The psychology of weight loss and Keto meal planning are only 2 pieces of the Keto puzzle. Sign up for our newsletter and get the rest of the pieces of the Hybrid puzzle

PS.You will also get 10 ways Apple Cider Vinegar can get you healthier.

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