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Through internet searching for weight loss plans and products, you will run across weight loss companies that claim to have the best products. There will be testimonies about how people could never lose weight until they tried XYZ company products.

One company I ran across claimed their product works at a DNA level to nourish your body with all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and achieve weight loss. They also claim their products help with digestive health, anti aging,joint health,heart health and it seems every disease known to man. Then it says at the bottom of the page:
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Then they have the Business Opportunity where you can make 6 and 7 figures peddling their potions. Just sign up pay your money for the kit and get started. The problem is your $40 kit doesn't come with products so you have to shell out a few hundred more to get products to try and demonstrate. Don't worry though because you get between 10 and 40% discount on the products when you become a distributor, how generous of them.

Don't be stupid and waste your hard earned money and time on another business opportunity that is just going to fill your garage with products and empty your wallet. I know the sound of losing weight and making money at the same time sounds good but face reality.

Do you really think buying weight loss products from a MLM distributor or someone hawking a product on the internet or TV will help you. What qualifications do they have to sell a product that they probably never even used or have no idea about weight loss at all.

How much money have you ever made or anyone you know ever made selling MLM products to family and friends. Take my word for it when I say I have been in the same mind set before. Your intentions are good at first but soon fizzle when you get rejected a hundred times. Yes some people do make money with MLM but 99.9% of people who start a MLM business lose money.

Most of the weight loss products on the market are way over priced and a waste of money and time. The foods you buy at the store have the same nutritional value, if not more than any potion on the market. If you read the website of these potions they say works best with exercise and proper meal planning.

So let me ask you, why would you want to waste money on something that cost a couple of hundred dollars a month or more to give you the same nutritional value you can get from eating the right foods. Take that money and spend it on real food and watch the pounds melt off.

Some of these weight loss products also have unhealthy additives that hampers your weight loss. One product we found had traces of lead in it but they have since brought the levels down to Government acceptable levels. I do not want any toxic ingredients in any of my food let alone trust the Government to grade what is an acceptable level of toxins.

The way to lose weight is to eat right, exercise and drink water. Drinking water before a meal helps you feel fuller and you eat less. When you eat put down your fork or spoon between bites and chew your food slowly. Remember there are hundreds of healthy good tasting foods you can eat everyday to lose weight without the latest weight loss product.

Another way to successful weight loss is to get your mind prepared for your journey into weight loss. We also suggest you get a weight loss partner or a coach to help you. It all boils down to good old fashioned eating right and some exercise. Our bodies were made to move and eat the right foods to be healthy and ward off sickness and disease.

Do we suggest you take supplements for weight loss, yes but only a multi vitamin and maybe a fat burner. CLICK HERE for a vitamin company we use to get high quality vitamins at rock bottom prices. They have an online supplement adviser to make sure you get the right vitamin for your specific needs. CLICK HERE NOW

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Did you ever try to pour liquid through a funnel when it is turned upside down. Not likely because you would miss the hole because it is so small and most of the liquid will be lost. This is the approach that many of us take when we want to get healthier. We try to pour all the stuff we learn from online and other people into a small hole and expect results. What we end up doing is wasting a lot of time and money trying to hit the small weight loss hole.

We try all these different gimmicks to think we are going to lose weight and get healthier. You have all these "Weight Loss" programs that don't do much but make you fatter and poorer. I can still see all the reviews for weight loss programs where someone tried everything and it didn't work, but through some kind of magic potion they lost more weight than ever. Don't be a sucker and fall for this crap because their magic pill is just going to make your wallet smaller and not your waist.

Basically what you are doing is pouring processed food into your small funnel hole and most of the good stuff your body needs is wasted. Why not turn the funnel around and put good things in there that are going to make you healthy. When you put healthy foods into your body it is like using the large end of the funnel. All the good nutrients are put into the funnel and nothing is spilled out. The nutrients your body needs are run through the funnel and all the waste is released at the small end.Your mouth is the large end of the funnel and your butt is the small end of the funnel. Everyone has a bigger mouth than they do a butt except for a few who are just big butt holes.

Most all the diets on the market have you pouring their crap into the small end where you miss out on all the good things. The latest diet pill or high priced meal packs are not going to do anything for you. All they are trying to do is shove their junk up the small end of your funnel and waste your hard earned money. Yes you may lose some weight with their products but it will not be a long term thing.

Your body needs the right fat burning foods to shed weight and be healthy.The right foods will help with blood sugar, high blood pressure, sore joints and many of the modern diseases associated with the modern diet. Our wonderful food companies are putting stuff in our food that is not healthy at all. The Government guidelines are pretty lax when it comes to additives in our food because many politicians have a financial interest in the companies that manufacture the food products we eat.

Now you know the facts why not take the time to learn more about weight loss and the types of good tasting foods you can eat to shed those excess pounds and get healthy. Now get your butt into gear and start eating the way Mother Nature intended you to eat, good wholesome foods and not a bunch of sugary junk food that is causing you to get fat and feeling like crap!

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My wife and I started doing a keto diet and so far I have lost 10 pounds and she is down 35 pounds. She follows the diet pretty strict, but added a few twists and I only needed to shed 10 lbs so I don't follow it as strict as she does. The first step we took was getting our mind prepared for the new diet change. Without the proper mindset you are setting yourself up for failure.
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