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 After working for a satellite company for many years we  deceided to start our own company selling and servicing satellite systems. With first hand knowledge of the workings of complex entertainment systems and a solid foundation of customer service the decision was easy.

Working for a large corporation I could not take the time to properly educate the customer on the workings of their new satellite systems. The customer is trusting in us to bring them the best in home and business entertainment and we need to take the time to educate them on the product.

 Our mission is to provide a personal sales and service experience to the consumer through product knowledge and customer product education. 

 Directv and Dish Network are a great way to experience tv with their state of the art systems and many options to choose from.

Directv has according to customer reviews, the best sports package.
They also have a new wireless Genie satellite receivers to get tv access into rooms that we once inaccessable. Directv has the infamous DVR with live tv pause, FF,Rewind and several other features. Directv also has Genie Go, a system where you can watch recorded tv shows on the go. The Genie is also capable of recording up to 5 shows at once and has a wireless access to your internet connection to give you access to 1000s of free movies from the internet.

Dish has many of the same features as Directv such as access to 1000s of free movies, sports packages and DVR functions comparable to Directv. Dish also announced they are working on a wireless receiver system.What Dish has that many claim is better than Directv is a larger hard drive on their Hopper and the technology to watch tv on the go without having to down load the programs first. The Hopper also is able to record up to 6 shows at once.

Protect America is a wireless security system that is free to install in your home. The business security system has a $99 equipment fee. The brains behind the system is the Simon XT control panel. It is the smallest controll panel of its kind and will controll up to 40 devices. There is also an optional Simon XT touch screen controll panel as an extra point of access control panel.

Features include a small monthly monitoring charge and integration with your existing security system. Other features include smart phone monitoring capabilities, video cameras, window and door sensors, glass breakage sensors, garage door sensors, motion detectors, home automation equipment to monitor your small appliances and lamps and a vehicle GPS tracker.

With our equipment you can keep an eye on your house with video cameras from anywhere in the world through you smart phone. Check on the kids or a family member to assure they are safe whenever you are away from home. Check to make sure the home is secured and no prowlers are near by. With Protect America you have peace of mind knowing your family and Home is protected at all times.

Protect America has what we call Life Safety Equipment. A Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide detector and a Medical Pendant to help a loved one in case of an emergency. The pendant is worn around the wrist  for easy access in case of a medical emergency. These are great for the elderly or someone who has a medical condition.

Thousands of people are switching to our system and saving money every month. Why not call us for a free evulation and join our home protection family.

Exede Satellite Internet Access is a high speed satellite internet service. It boast the largest satellite in the world according to Guinness World Records. The installation is free and monthly fees start at $49.99 for 10 Gigs with a $9.99 monthly equipment fee. You can purchase the equipment and will not be charged the $9.99 monthly equipment fee. They have a late night program where you will have free download and upload access. They have excellent reviews and are a solid company. If you like satellite internet or live in an area where there is no high speed internet access, then this is for you.

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